Understated Voiceover for Arket's Advertisement

A soft, understated voiceover for another nice little commercial

Good voiceover can make a list of products sound interesting!

The nice people at Arket got in touch with me recently to ask me to provide voiceover for several of their upcoming advertisements. It's great to see companies embrace the power of video advertisements and voiceover over other kinds of digital marketing. Arket were nice to work with and they asked me for a softer style of voiceover which is something I am very used to doing. If you'd like to hear a few more examples of this particular understated voiceover style, check out my Micropolitics, Weather Company, and Wirecard videos.


A little more about Arket

Arket is a fantastic online store based in Sweden. I must admit that I hadn't heart of them before they got in touch with me, but hopefully the advertisements I provided voiceover will help improve their presence in the UK and further afield. The first thing you'll notice when you visit the Arket site is that they deliver to an unbelievable number of countries around the world. Then you'll notice the number of different brands. I provided voiceover for a few of their videos, so you may like to check out this Arket ad, and this ad as well!

Get in touch!

If you like what you heard and you'd like a similar understated voiceover for your next advertisement, then please feel free to get in touch. I think this softer style is great for all kinds of ads, but it's especially great for explainer videos. If you need to be absolutely sure my voice is a good fit for your brand, I'll be happy to send over a free voiceover sample, read from your script!

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