Britsnaks Explainer Voice

I've been providing voiceovers for explainer videos for quite some time and it's always a pleasure when the client sends the finished copy and the animation and the mix looks and sounds great.

Britsnaks Explainer Voice

I was really pleased to see the final version of this video. The animation is lovely and the tone matches the feel of the brand perfectly. If I do say so myself.

Britsnaks Explainer Voice

So, who are Britsnaks and what do they do? In their own words

So you’ve moved away from the UK and can’t get hold of your favourite British Chocolate and sweetsWell here at Britsnaks we've had an idea!  We think you should be able to order your favourite British chocolate and sweets, and have them delivered direct to you anywhere in the world. Without paying a fortune for shipping. Simply browse and choose one or more of our great selection boxes. If none of those tickle your fancy you can create your own.  Once you've decided just checkout and we'll send your goods to you anywhere in the world in no time at all! It really is that simple and just so you know, you can send your family and friends gift boxes too. We'll even include your personal message inside. 

What a great idea...

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If you are looking for a voice similar to the Britsnaks explainer voice, please get in touch. I'll gladly send you a short voice a sample first to see if my voice is right for your promo or trailer. Click to the contact page now, tell me more and get in touch.

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