Britsnaks Explainer Voice

I've been providing voiceovers for explainer videos for quite some time and it's always a pleasure when the client sends the finished copy and the animation and the mix looks and sounds great.

Britsnaks Explainer Voice

I was really pleased to see the final version of this video. The animation is lovely and the tone matches the feel of the brand perfectly. If I do say so myself. I also think Britsnacks seems like an incredible service for British expats! I used my standard clear voice I often choose for explainer videos and the client was very happy with the result. Explainer videos are becoming my most-requested job; if you'd like to sample a few more examples of my explainer videos, check out my Home Compost, IBM Weather, and Moskito Guard explainer videos.

Britsnaks Explainer Voice

So, who are Britsnaks and what do they do?

Britsnaks is a great company that delivers all of the best British snacks to almost anywhere in the World. Brits travel and work in countries all over the World and they often feel homesick for some of their home comforts, for the chocolates and crisps they grew up with. This is where Britsnacks comes in! If you’ve moved away from the UK and can’t get hold of your favourite British chocolate and sweets, Britsnaks thinks you should be able to order your favourite British chocolate and sweet and have them delivered direct to you anywhere in the world. Without paying a fortune for shipping. This is a great company and I'm very happy with the promo video.

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If you are looking for a voice similar to the Britsnaks explainer voice, please get in touch. I'll gladly send you a short voice a sample first to see if my voice is right for your promo or trailer. Get in touch and tell me more about your project!

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