Butlins Show Voice

This is my Butlins Show Voice. I’ve not heard these in action yet, but am looking forward to visiting with my daughter one day.

Event Announcer

I provide a lot of voiceovers for show introductions and announcements, so to be asked to do them for Butlins, the UK’s favourite family destination was easy to say yes to.
Big brands call upon my service to introduce their events, most I've sent as high quality files and they've been played on the night.

Butlins Show Voice

What is the Voice of God?

Voice of God is a term used to describe event announcements. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Please take your seats, Our nominees are etc.”.
These can be either Live or Pre recorded. Pre recorded is a great option to keep the costs down. Files can be voiced and cut into individual files to play during the event.

Get in touch

Do you have an event or or show you need a voice for? Maybe a style like this Butlins Show Voice? If you need a Voice of God, please get in touch via the contact page. To make the process even easier, just let me know the intended usage of the production to quote you more accurately. Send a short sample of the script and I'll send you a short audition. This way you can check if my voice is right for your show or project.

Game Trailer Voice

Northern Gas Gameshow Voice

Northern Gas Advert

Gadget cover voiceover

Gadget cover voiceover

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