CarVi Voiceover

Would I be the Carvi Voiceover I was asked recently? CarVi? But what is it? So once I looked into the product and saw what they were trying to do to launch it, I was in.

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"CarVi – A co-pilot for you and your loved ones. Drive safe. Monitor your driving habits. Improve your skills. Offers peace of mind for parents of teenage drivers". I think this is a brilliant product and I wonder how many lives are saved each year with safe driving technology. This video has a lot of information in it, so it is closer to an explainer video style than anything else. If you like this style, you might also like to check out my Eze Group and Moskito Guard explainer videos.

CarVi Voiceover

CarVi Voiceover

With the crowdfunding page in place and lots of donations coming in already, I'd say if you would like to help them and contribute, click to go to their page and donate. Check out the CarVi website too for more details and to track its progress. This is a product that deserves to be made available so please spread the word and get involved. Besides... look at it. It looks beautiful too.I have to say, I love product video and explainers. The creative on them is always so varied. I'm always proud to voice for a new brand or service.

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If you need your product explaining or are looking for a promo video in this conversational voice style, then please get in touch. I'm always more than happy to voice a sample first to see if I'm right for your product or brand. Tell me more about your project and we'll see what we can achieve together!

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