Update everyone with a Coronavirus safety message voiceover.

Covid-19 is changing what we do and how we do it.

The Coronavirus Covid 19 safety message voiceover

Sadly 2020 has not been a great year for most and although we hear it too much the 'new normal' is something we are all getting used to. Even in the world of voiceover life is very different. As businesses had to close a lot of advertising was shelved too. This meant the usual television and radio commercials were not being produced and voice work evolved. I have been inundated with safety video messages. Voiceovers for companies telling their staff how to work from home and what to expect from their businesses going forward.


Life after Coronavirus?

No one knows what life after Coronavirus will be like and most say it will change for good and a lot of things will never return to how they were. Especially in the work place.
More people working from home and less required to go into the office. That said the greater need for messages to be voiced explaining the new ways of working due to the impact of the pandemic. If I can help as I have for Alton Towers and countless other brands recently, do let me know.

Do you need to update the messages to staff

If the way you work has changed and staff need to know how you are doing things going forward, then do get in touch. Available pretty much everyday and with a super fast turnaround time too, let me help voice your safety message or messages. Panic not! You will receive a studio quality WAV file or mp3, edited and de breathed ready to add to your video timeline, mix down and get it out there. I always say, wording a voiceover should be a simple process, and as a professional of 20 years, maybe thats why I'm still requested up to 20 times daily. Hey, if it helps, let me send a sample read of your script or message to make sure I'm right for your brand.

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