Courier Bid Chris

I'm now the voice of Courier Bid Chris. I voiced the original promo, so it was great to be back in a voice session with the team.

Check out the video

Explainer videos are one of my most popular jobs these days. They're a great way for brands to convey a lot of complex information in a short period of time. And as Courier Bid wanted to tell customers just how good their service was, an explainer video seemed like the best choice for them. It's a great service and will be huge when launched. Need a courier and need it fast? Need it local and for a great price? Well, this will be the service for you. I was also back for more and confirmed as Chris for when it launches. Which hopefully will be soon. Working with the awesome guys at Creative Motion.

Courier Bid Chris

What is Courier Bid?

Courier Bid sets itself apart from any other portal by making sure our members immediately benefit from the moment they register. It is our goal to bring consumers, businesses and transportation companies together; making us the “go to” site for all of your logistics needs. This video I provided voiceover for, I think, does an excellent job of explaining just how good their service is and I'm sure it will be useful to a lot of businesses.

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Do you have an explainer video or short web commercial video in need of a voice? A style similar to this for Courier Bid Chris? Please get in touch. To make the process even easier, just let me know the intended usage of the promo or explainer and I can quote you more accurately. Send a short sample of the script and I'll send you a short audition. Check to see if my voice is right for your show or project. Please do get in touch today./p>

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