DPD Brexit Explainer Video Voiceover

A well-made explainer video from DPD

An explainer video about shipping after Brexit

Are you Brexit Ready? With so much confusion about Brexit, people and businesses are understandably confused. DPD wanted to address some worries by putting together this helpful explainer video about how shipping will work after Brexit. They asked me to provide the voiceover for the video — and, as I've done more than my fair share of explainer videos, I knew that a soft, natural voiceover style would be the best fit. I really like how this video came together and I even learned a thing or two about Brexit by reading the script! If you'd like to hear some similar voiceover work of mine, check out my Apple Voiceover and myDPD videos.


Some more information about DPD

I'm sure you've already heard plenty about DPD; they're the second-largest shipping and parcel delivery company in Europe and they have a reputation for being especially reliable. Given the impact Brexit will have on the movement of goods, it is the perfect time for DPD to dispell myths and help people continue to take advantage of their superior service. DPD is based in Germany, but it operates all over Europe. If you need to send or receive something quickly and you want to make double sure the item isn't lost in shipping, DPD have more than earned their stellar reputation.

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Are you working on an advertisement or explainer video similar to DPD's video? If so, you'll need a professional voiceover artist like me to take your video to the next level, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. I love hearing from new companies and I'm happy to provide a free sample from your script — this is something I think helps people figure out first-hand whether my voice is right for their video or voiceover project.

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