Dubai Advantage Voiceover

Always curious to see my work played out globally in some interesting places.

My voice played to UAE Government.

It never ceases to amaze me where my voice is heard on a daily basis. I regularly get text messages from friends asking me if it's my voice they are hearing in some random environment.
However, when the client to this job emailed me ands said it was being played to and watched by high profile Sheiks and the UAE Government, that freaked me out a little.
I feel very blessed to be a voiceover artist. Thank you.


What is the Dubai Advantage?

The Dubai Advantage is building a bigger and brighter future for you and your investments. Dubai has been growing for years, and now, more than ever, is a perfect opportunity to invest in Dubai.
Dubai airport has continuously been growing over the years, with around 6,500 weekly flights and 140 airlines directly connecting Dubai to 260 destinations. This is an evidently clear reason to invest into the quicker, easier and more efficient way of life in Dubai.

Looking for a voiceover?

Always a pleasure to receive new enquiries. Have you finished that project? Is the last part of your film the voice over? You think my voice could fit? Please get in touch. Always happy to audition a few lines of your project first. Lets see if I'm right for your brand.
Please get in touch via the contact page and lets chat.

Pirate Voice

Rise Project Explainer Video Voiceover

Rise Project Explainer Video Voiceover

David Attenborough Voice

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