Explainer Video Natural Voice

Here is a sample of my Explainer Video Natural Voice style. Explainer videos are common place these days on websites, so choosing the right voice is essential. This is my most requested style. A light conversational read whilst still delivering the message.

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Male or Female? Soft or hard sell? Fast or slow? Every product and brand is different. Thats why getting the voice right is key. I love my job and I'm asked to voice many explainer videos daily. Following a trip round my website and demo pages, I'm asked for this style more and more these days. My natural voice style. It's not in your face, it's not patronising and I'd like to think it has a great warmth in the delivery.

Explainer Video Natural Voice

Explainer Video Natural Voice

This job was for Xura. Who are they and what do they do?

Texts are great! But SMS scammers will use every opportunity to increase their reach and the problem is getting worse. 

What mobile operators need is the ability to manage messaging traffic simply & easily with 360° control over spam & fraud traffic. 

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Do you have an explainer video, presentation or a product and you need a voice for it? Maybe like this explainer video natural voice style? Please get in touch via the contact page. To make the process even easier, just let me know the intended usage of the production to quote you more accurately. Send a short sample of the script and I'll send you a short audition. This way you can check if my voice is right for your show or project.

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Apathetics Movie Voiceover

Apathetics Voiceover

Cities Talking Explainer Voiceover

Cities Talking Explainer Voiceover

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