Farmfoods Penguins voice

Can I voice a Penguin? That was the phone call. Within 2 hours I was in Manchester having fun in the voiceover booth as a Penguin.

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Good old Bradley Walsh with his decent David Attenborough impression. My own David Attenborough impression is a source of great pride and it's taken years of listening to Sir David and enjoying his incredible wildlife programs. These days, I'm asked to perform my David Attenborough impression all the time, so it was a refreshing change for someone else to do it. Whilst Bradley did his best Attenborough, I had a fantastic time providing some suitably silly penguin voiceovers. Sometimes I really do have the best job in the World. If you'd like to hear some more of my voices, check out my various character voiceovers.

Farmfoods Penguins voice

A little more about Farm Farmfoods

For anyone who likes a bargain with their weekly shop, Farmfoods hardly needs an introduction. With over 300 stores around the UK, Farmfoods is one of the most popular supermarkets in the country. Originally from Scotland, Farmfoods is well-known for the quality of its frozen foods, offering great savings for families looking for the best prices without compromising on quality!

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If you require a character voice for a promo, TV, or animation, then please get in touch. To make the whole process easier, just let me know the intended usage of the project and I can quote you more accurately. Feel free to send a short sample of the script and I can send you a short audition to check if my voice is right for your brand.

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