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I provided the voice of Mud the dog for HAÇİKO’s ad

I absolutely loved providing the voice of Mud the dog for HAÇİKO’s new ad. When providing animal voiceover, it’s important to really study the animal’s face and to try to imagine what kind of human voice they would have. If you get it right (which I think I have in this ad) the voice just fits and it’ll make people smile. Looking at Mud and talking to the video producers helped me figure out the perfect tone for this ad: Mud’s a cheeky, friendly chap and this is a perfect fit for HAÇİKO’s video. I thoroughly enjoyed this voiceover; some days I really do have the best job in the World.



HAÇİKO is a Turkish company that focuses on animal rights and activism. They are dedicated to the protection of animals from “despair and disinterest”. This is a brilliant company who are making a real difference in the World, and it’s encouraging to see their new Dogs-Looking-for-Jobs campaign . This idea is founded in some pretty solid research which found that having a dog around the office actually improves productivity. On top of this, it clearly increases moral. HAÇİKO has taken this research and used it to try to convince companies to re-home dogs as this system benefits both the dog and the business!

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Maybe I can help you with your next TV ad voiceover or explainer video . Whether you're working on a video you’re pushing online, a radio ad, or a TV ad, I'm keen to work with you. Hopefully my wide portfolio speaks for itself, and this job with HAÇİKO shows off my animal voiceover skills . Or perhaps you'd like one of my character voiceovers instead? Tell me about your project and let’s get started! To make it as easy as possible for you, I'm happy to send a sample of your script to help you see (or hear...) if my voice is right for you. Click on the contact page and tell me about your project and how I can help!

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