In-store Voice of ASDA

A natural, friendly voiceover for ASDA's stores

Being the in-store voice of ASDA

This page is about a great new voiceover job I got providing voiceover for ASDA's hundreds of stores. When you hear a friendly English voice telling you about the latest deals, that will probably be me! I like this kind of voiceover gig a lot because it's a nice change from all the TV ad work I get. That said, while I get more advertisements and explainer videos, I am featured in over 30 different retailers' stores. This means that I often get asked "was that your voice I heard in Wickes?" You'd think I'd bored of friends and family stumbling upon my voice ina local store, but I don't! ASDA were great to work with and I hope to provide more voiceovers for them in the future.


Other brands I provide in-store voiceover for

As I said above, my repertoire of in-store voiceover goes far beyond just ASDA. I'm not going to list all of them here, and I'll link to even fewer, but I thought it might be of interest for anyone reading thinking about asking me to provide voiceover for their stores. You can hear my voiceover in the following stores:

Would you like my voice in your store(s)?

If you've managed to read right to this point, then there's a good chance you're looking for some voiceover work. If so, please feel free to get in touch as I'm always happy to hear from new companies. Whether you'd like something clear and natural like this voiceover I provided for ASDA or something with a little more character, I'm sure I can provide the right voiceover for your project. That said, if you'd like to make sure I'm right for your brand before committing, I'll be more than happy to provide a free sample from your script.

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