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What does your ideal Christmas look like? Introducing NoelOne. A spoof Apple style web video.

An Apple style voice over

Since voicing the iPhone ads for Apple, this laid back approach made famous by Apple's Jonny Ives is requested more and more. Not just by me but in the voiceover industry generally. Sometimes we don't wanted to be shouted at when listening to a commercial. This was a fun viral to help promote a web branding agency. They did an awesome job of the visuals and were more than happy with my vocal performance over the top of it. For a wider range of my work, take a look at my other Apple style voices or my general commercial voiceover page.


What is Noel One?

It’s the first and only device of its kind. It takes the latest and most powerful technology and combines it in a revolutionary way. It’s designed to put you front row where you want to be this festive season. It’s an experience unlike any other.
It’s beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. Two brand new finishes, white and whiter than white highlight the flawless design and make the Noel One as gorgeous to look at as it is powerful... This was a spoof viral ad and it was shared all over the net. I love doing spoof ads; check out my David Attenborough developer video .

Need an Apple read?

Working on a fun viral ad? Maybe you need a read as natural and chatty like this Jonny Ives voice style? Do get in touch. Use the contact page and let's chat. I'd be very happy to send a short sample before you book me. Please send a few lines of the script first so you can be sure I'm right for the brand or project. I make the whole process as easy as possible with 99% of the jobs delivered the same day.

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