Pure Beauty Awards Voice of God

I was the official voice of the Pure Beauty Awards in 2017.

The Voice of God at the Pure Beauty Awards 2017

One aspect of voiceover work many people forget about, is the awards industry. There are hundreds of different award ceremonies each year, and many of them need their own bespoke voiceover, announcing everything from the award categories and nominees to the fire-safety information. In 2017, I provided my classic voice-of-God voiceover for the announcements at the Pure Beauty Awards. This was a big event with a huge turnout, so it’s a real thrill to hear my voice booming out over the crowd; I’ve been the official “voice of God” at dozens of awards shows, but it’s always novel to see videos of the events.


A Little bit About the Pure Beauty Awards

The Pure Beauty Awards 2017 was held in London and it was a huge deal in the beauty industry. Each year, the award ceremony is a chance for Pure Beauty to shine a light on the best, most innovative, and most exciting products in the beauty industry. The event is huge, with all of the movers and shakers from the beauty industry invited — so it’s a great opportunity for people to network and have a good time. All of the winners of 2017’s Pure Beauty Awards were announced in their 2017 December issue.

The 2018 Awards

In an exciting new development, the 2018 Pure Beauty Awards will be a global event, held at the Four Seasons, in Dubai! The new global awards will recognise and celebrate the best retailers, designers, and key figures in the global beauty industry!

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Do you have an event or project in need of the voice of God? If you are putting on an awards ceremony or event and you need that classic announcer voice to add a little extra polish to the night, then please get in touch. I am more than happy to provide a free sample from your script to help you work out if my voice is the right fit for your event!

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