The Voice of the Serious Rockin intro on Radio 2

My voice on BBC Radio 2, again!

Serious Rockin on Radio 2

It’s a great source of pride for me that the production guys at BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 keep coming back with little voiceover jobs for me. They're normally looking for short voiceovers introducing a new segment in one of their various radio shows, and this is exactly what I was asked to do recently for Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show. The ‘Serious Rockin’ segment is Chris’s tongue-in-cheek take on Steve Wright in the Afternoon’s ‘Serious Jockin’ segment. I always enjoy providing radio voiceover and it’s especially gratifying to when it’s for one of the shows I listen to! I provided my deeper voice for this job as it contrasts better with Chris’s voice. I provided a similar voice for Radio 1's Big Weekends.


A little bit about The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Big radio fans need no introduction to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show as it’s one of the most popular radio shows in the UK. It airs weekdays from 6.30–9.30 each morning and it’s a fun mixture of music, news, sports updates, and general Chris Evans-style hijinks. Chris Evans has been a regular feature on Radio 2 for years now and his show is one of the constants in this ever-changing World of ours... I’m proud to have my voice feature on Chris’s show every week; the ‘Serious Rockin’ segment seems to be really popular too, so that’s ace! My voice has featured on other BBC Radio shows before: there was the Radio 1 Big Weekends (which I linked to above) there was the Radio 1 Bank Holiday Sale spoof and the Radio 1 Weekend Takeover ad, to name only a few!

Get in touch

If you are looking for high-quality voiceover for your show or production, or if you have a different idea altogether, please get in touch. Finding the right voice for any radio production segment can make a huge difference to the overall atmosphere of the show; I’m flexible, creative, and more than able to match my voiceover to meet any brief. I'm more than happy to send you a short sample to help you figure out if my voice is right for your project. Visit my contact page and tell me more about your project!

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