My David Attenborough Voice for Kantega

Ever wanted to see developers in their natural habitat?

David Attenborough narrates another strange documentary...

I love pulling out my David Attenborough impression for the right parody projects. I don't like to necessarily take every David Attenborough parody job that comes my way, as I don't want the act to get old. But when a script is as well written as this, then I just can't resist! It was great working with the team at Kantega to make this video. Developers really are fascinating creatures, and I think an Attenborough-style documentary of them was well overdue! As an added bonus, this video has been shared all over the geek-o-sphere and on Uni Lad, getting over 22m views so far, across different platforms!


Who is Kantega?

Kantega is a large software company based in Oslo, Norway. The company was founded in 2003 and it's a big force in the software development world. Kantega mainly specialises in bespoke software, usually on Java. They also have a great web development team. Kantega employs a lot of developers and this video is a very knowing nod to their employees and to their prospective employees. It's a great company and it was lots of fun to provide them with my best David Attenborough voice!

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