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Voice of God is a term used to describe event announcements. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Please take your seats, Our nominees are etc.”
I announced so many famous people to the stage over the years. Ant & Dec also trusted me on their tour.

Trusted by Ant & Dec

I've been providing Voice of God for years. Voicing Events, Awards Ceremonies, Concerts, Theatre Shows and more.
ITV had me as the voice for Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on Tour. Throwing in some front row tickets too, it was too good a gig to resist.
Booming out in arenas across the UK my voice was certainly heard by 10's of thousands of ears.

Oh my...Voice of God... it's The Big Weekend

My voice is heard on BBC Radio 1 & Radio 2 in various styles. Used by the imaging team for promos and trails.
Asked to voice the on air trails using a deep impactful voice, Radio 1 were so impressed they decided this event should be launched with the same voice.
Stand back for... BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend!

Contact God for your event

Voicing events for global brands including Asperity, BBC Radio 1, National Fitness Awards, Alhambra Theatre, Jewsons, Walkers, Butlins, Warners and RBS to name just a few.
Awesome Events have me as their voice every year at Christmas. These brands have booked me to either pre-record the event announcements or appear in person live to voice them.
Technology allows last minute changes to be made to audio and sent on the day of the event, so don’t panic.
Get in touch today and let me know what needs hosting or voicing.

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