Voiceover Daddy

Don't take your daughter to work day.

A job for Wickes made a bit harder.

I'd like to say that 95% of my work is a breeze and I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do on a daily basis.
Now I'm a Daddy to a 1 year old, sometimes fatherly duties clash with paid jobs. This was no exception. I'm the in-store voice for Wickes, a DIY chain here in the UK. I took a gamble that I could voice the message, whist holding a baby!
It didn't go to plan. Here is VoiceoverBaby in action.


Who is VoiceoverBaby?

My beautiful daughter even has her own website which I set up 3 days after she was born. From day 1, as you do, I started recording some of her noises and gurgles.
Still awaiting her first booking she's ready to start earning some money to pay for her education when she is older.
Feeling in a good mood? Give her a job! She's not booked anything yet and I think she's really ace!

Can VoiceoverBaby help you?

So, do you have a promo or project I can ruin by having my baby in the booth?
Or if you get her on a good day you may be in luck.
Click the contact page now, tell me more and lets get started.

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