Who is Guy Harris?

You might not know me, but you'll certainly have heard me. Possibly on the radio, maybe an app or a video game? Yes, definitely heard on the television. Attraction Tickets Direct for Disney? Kids commercials including Doggie Do? ITV's Play to the Whistle? The voice of Radio 2’s Chris Evans's Serious Rockin jingles on Friday mornings at 7am? A David Attenborough sound-a-like? Yeah thats me!

Award winning & heard worldwide

Some say one of the UK's most in-demand male voiceovers. Why? Efficient, easy to work with and I even won a couple of awards. Best Male Voice in 2011 and Best Spoof Ad in 2012. Plus, Best Male in 2014 and a finalists for 3 SOVAS awards in Hollywood in 2015.
With 17+ years experience, my voice is heard worldwide. Maybe you are in Bahrain and you hear me talking about the telecoms services. In the UAE and planning to use Rakbank? Watching iBoy on Netflix and hear a football commentator? Even on a Viral for Wren Kitchens with over 5 million views!

VoiceiverGuy Skateboarding

Studio & Location

With a UK based studio in the heart of Yorkshire to envy a lot of post production facilities, I can connect clients and be directed by every means. He lives my own Raven to send messages too.
Lets not forget the expensive Neumann U87 and MK416 mics.
The studio can be hired too for private or agency bookings. If you have an artist in Yorkshire and you want to save the cost of throwing them on the train to London. Book the studio.
Free parking with tea and biscuits plentiful.

VoiceoverGuy Award Winner

History & Clients

In my youth I was a dedicated skateboarder. Wearing baggy shorts and Vans shoes, it was obvious it would lead on to a career in voice-overs... you think?
A big fan of Spitting Image, I was a fine mimic at school copying the teachers. This sadly also led to being well known by the headmaster. So I started to develop my own characters and this kept me on the straight and narrow, for a bit.

The client list is pretty impressive and includes Apple, Coca Cola, Tesco, Walkers, Radio 1, SAGE, Wickes, ITV1, Betfred, Vodafone, RBS, Experian, CBeebies, Universal Studios and Disney.
Did I mention the iPhone5 ads?

VoiceoverGuy Yorkshire Studio

Let me perform your words

So what can little old me, VoiceoverGuy do for you? A natural sincere voice for a TV advert? How about an energetic radio campaign? Some informative e-Learning? You need an announcer? An Voice of God event hosting voice? Characters for an App or Video Game? What about your web video or explainer video voice? Yeah, I can voice all that stuff, with 1 hand behind my back... blindfolded... and on fire. How about an on-line video for medical procedures and techniques with gargantuan words that lasts over an hour? Ok... let me gladly recommend someone.

VoiceoverGuy on Stage

How do I book a voiceover?

It’s essential to note that one size doesn’t fit all. You know your target market of the product or brand, so it's essential to choose a voice that will work best with that audience.
Always ask any voice for a short custom read of your script.
A demo or showreel is a fabulous example of the talent’s previous work, however, surely better to hear a voice with your words. It's all part of the service should you select me. Choose carefully. Speaking of book, Guy contributed to the Voiceover Handbook, available on Amazon. Well worth a read.

But why me?

"Guy Harris is a very nice chap. He knows what he’s doing, gets the job done and his rates are reasonable. In fact, he should put them up a bit” – VoiceoverGuy Harris 2018

Easy to get on with? Actually, yes. Working with you to make sure you are 100% happy with your voice-over. However, if you are not happy, moan too much, bad mouth me on Twitter or don’t pay... then things can get pretty ugly. There have been many clients that just... disappear. Be warned!

VoiceoverGuy Black and White

A day in the life a voiceover artist

Film-maker Neale James of Breath Pictures put together a mini documentary of my work. I was flattered.
The film takes a look behind the scenes at my studio and gives a brief history of how I got into, how I work, some of my clients and It shines a light on some of the projects I get involved in.
Voiceover Artist? Am I? I dunno! I hope you enjoy.

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