Anglian Home Improvements Scrappage Scheme

Voiceover for Anglian’s Windows and Doors Scrappage Scheme

This particular voiceover job for Anglian falls somewhere between an explainer video and a tv ad because it is packed full of information (just like an explainer video) but it is also an advertisement for Anglian’s Windows and Doors scrappage scheme. I think that good, informative videos can be a great tool for selling more complex products or services. If your service is great and you want to explain just how it works, then this kind of advert is ideal. I used a softer voice for this advert and I think it turned out pretty well. And it must have had good exposure, as I’ve had texts from friends and family asking if it’s me!


A Little More Detail About Anglian’s Windows and Doors Scrappage Scheme

If you watch the video, you’ll get a good idea of exactly what Anglian is all about. They've calculated that a poorly insulated home, with inefficiently insulated windows and doors, can leak up to £2,800 over ten years. And, because energy prices are due to rise, this is only going to increase. So, to help save this money, the Anglian Windows and Doors Scrappage Scheme offers up to £3,000 to scrap your old windows and doors and install new energy-efficient ones. This helps you waste less energy and update the look of your home. You can find out more about the scheme and Anglian’s other services on their website . They were a great company to work with and I’m glad the ad has proven so successful!

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