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Connect and direct right now with Source Connect NOW.

Ok clever clogs! So, how do I get it working?

Ensure THIS PAGE is loaded up on Google Chrome or Canary.

1. Enter your name
2. Enter the ‘pass key’ (sent to you before the session)
3. Click ‘connect’

You can now direct the session or record it in HQ over the web. If you can't record Guy, we will do it for you and send it after. Multiple users can dial in to listen or comment. Direct or listen in right from your desktop or laptop.

To use Source connect NOW please open this page in Chrome, if you dont have Chrome download it for free.

So, why are we using this voice?

Guy is a full time voiceover artist of 20+years. You are connected to his high quality pro studio in Yorkshire. He works with big name brands daily. An great understanding of what you need to achieve. Lets face it, you are in safe hands.

Click 'News & Blog' to see Guy's latest work.
Thanks again for connecting.

Guy Harris - Source Connect NOW

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