Capture the Vintage Vibes with a Genuine Pathe News voice

Embark on a nostalgic journey with the voice style that dominated British newsreels from the 1940s to the 1960s.
Perfect for lending a classic, retro touch to your project, my Pathe News voice captures the essence of this iconic era. "Attention, all listeners! Don't dilly-dally—book your project today!"

Relive the Golden Age with Horlicks : A Case Study

When Horlicks, the esteemed nutritional malt milk drink brand, aimed to narrate its rich history, only a genuine Pathe News voice could do justice. My work with Horlicks was not just a voiceover—it was a time machine. Interested in similar storytelling for your brand? Let's have a chin-wag!
I voice a lot of scripts as the voice of Pathe News, Including these for Radio station Jack FM.

Pitch Perfect for Everton FC : A Voice That Scores Goals

When Everton Football Club sought a voice reminiscent of Harry Enfield's Cholmondeley Warner character, I was their go-to guy. I enjoyed adding vintage charm to a modern-day video presentation, connecting the fans with the players in a unique way. Need something similar? I'm just a chat away.

The History of British Pathé : A Legacy of Voices

As a pioneer in the film industry, Charles Pathé shaped a century of British history through newsreels, cinemagazines, and documentaries. Today, the The Pathé News archive serves as a digital time capsule, including the iconic voice of Bob Danvers-Walker. Looking to add that vintage allure to your project? Then look no further.
With extensive experience in this highly requested style, your project will benefit from my professional, broadcast-quality voiceover service. So don't keep calm—contact me right away for a chat about your next vintage-themed project!

Guy Harris - Pathe News Voice

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