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My character voiceovers are heard on TV, Radio, Apps, Games & Virals worldwide daily.
“I hear voices in my head” that's me on a daily basis. So if you have a script and project, let me unleash them!

Which voice to choose?

Choosing the right voice for your character can be a challenge. While scripts and drawings provide a good starting point, it's not until you fully understand the character's appearance and environment that you can truly know how it should sound. That's VoiceoverGuy comes in. We'll work with you to create a unique profile or mini-biography that helps us understand your character's voice. With our expertise, we'll bring your character to life like never before.

Crazy Voice Guy | Voice Over Artist For Unique Characters

Hi there, I'm the Crazy Voice Guy! As a voice over artist, I'm always up for a new challenge. Whether it's a Mexican bar owner, a New York gangster, or a dog's voice, I'm always ready to try out new styles. Every day is different, and that's what makes my job so much fun. Check out the video to hear some familiar voices in song and get a taste of what I can do. Let's work together to bring your character to life!

Let's work together

Now that you have your script in place and a clear idea of what your character looks like, it's time to bring it to life. Our voice over artist is here to help. Whether you have a specific sound in mind or need some guidance, we're here to direct the session and refine your character. We're happy to work with you by Cleanfeed, Teams or Zoom. If you have a reference file or a YouTube video you'd like us to use as a starting point, we're happy to take a look. If you're ready to create a character that truly shines, get in touch. with us today.

Guy Harris - Character Voiceover

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