Voiceover imaging

I provide voiceover Imaging and sponsorship voices to the award winning UKRD Group and BBC Radio 1 & 2.
Other stations and brands around the globe that use my voice include East Coast FM & Fun Kids.

Availability is key

Radio stations choose imaging voices on their voices, flexibility and availability. Many have constantly changing promotions and client sponsorships, so being available is key to success
I work a lot with station sound at the BBC and provide imaging pieces for Radio 1 & 2.
Check out the imaging and show intros for The Big Weekend.

Fun Kids Radio

Adjusting to different times zones is essential too. All of which is not a problem when working with a full time voiceover.
I'm the station imaging voice for Fun Kids, the UK's radio station for kids, families and parents. Listen on DAB Digital Radio nationwide, online and mobile.

Radio Imaging

Radio imaging is the general term for the composite effect of multiple and varied on-air sound effects that identify, brand and market a particular radio station. These sound effects include: voiceover, music beds, sweepers, intros, promos, liners, stingers, bumpers, and jingles.
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Guy Harris - Voiceover Imaging

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