Commercial Voiceover

The Commercial Voiceover scene is a huge part of my day. Booking and delivering over 100 jobs a week.
You will have heard this voice on TV & Radio. Alongside In-Store, YouTube videos and on-hold. .

The Disney & Universal commercials

You may have seen Attraction Tickets Direct on TV.
Working alongside ATD and Disney, I've been booked many times for their promotions and offers.
Universal Studios also asked for my commercial voice to promote their latest ticket deal. These are just one of dozens of commercial projects I put my voice on every week.

The Natural Voice Style

Over the years, I've been know for my character voices. I wanted to offer more and show the versatility in my straight spoken voice. Aiming for a new market this style suits a variety of new voice projects and I've enjoyed every one.
Check out the demo reel here and then call or email your enquiry along with some usage details by clicking here.

The Commercial Voice

Whilst the hard sell is still very well used and important in the right script, more commercials are written for a very understated, honest and reassuring natural read style. Something I've been developing for the last 8 years.
My natural voiceover is in demand daily.
Web Videos, Explainer Videos and How to Videos are on the increase and this natural, non hard sell approach is also another option for your commercials.

Why use a Voice over?

It's pretty clear really that using a voice over will improve your brand image especially if it's to replace something recorded by a friend on a cheap mic and a lap top. Chosing a professional voiceover will bring credibility to your brand and reflect your company's values. Don't let money stand in the way of your final public facing end product.

Guy Harris - Commercial Voiceover

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