Apple Style Voice

What is the Apple Voice Style? The natural relaxing read associated with Apple ads. Conversational, sincere and re-assuring delivery.
The majority of scripts that come to me reference the Apple iPhone adverts for the read style. Is that what you need too?

iPhone 5 TV adverts

Since voicing the Apple iPhone 5 TV ads, my Apple voice style is in demand daily on TV, Radio, Web & Explainer Videos.
Not to mention e-Learning, On-Hold, In-Store and Corporate Videos.
A very natural understated delivery with simplicity at the very heart of the written content.
These were the TV ads for the iPhone 5 that broadcast in the UAE.

The Guy next door

Conversational and relaxed is what the team at SEAT wanted for a series called Hidden Heroes.
These short films Introduce you to the team behind their legendary cars. Meet Paco, Mario & Adrian.

Relax and take it easy

Simply watch the demos and if this is what you are looking for, then get your client's approval and get in touch.
It really is as simple as an Apple product from start to finish.

Apple is a global brand know for it's simplicity of service and quality.
I'm a globally heard voice known for my quality of service and simplicity.

Drop us an email today and lets do this.

Apple Voice Style - Guy Harris

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