Apple Style Voice

What is the Apple Voice Style or 'Voice of Apple'? The natural relaxing read associated with Jony Ive and the Apple tv ads.
Conversational, sincere and re-assuring delivery. These days, most of my requests reference my Apple iPhone adverts.

iPhone TV adverts

Since voicing the Apple iPhone 5 TV ads, my Apple voice style is in demand daily on TV, Radio, Web & Explainer Videos.
Not to mention e-Learning, On-hold, In-store and Corporate videos.
A very natural understated delivery with simplicity at the very heart of the written content.
Enjoy the TV ads for the iPhone 5 that broadcast across the UAE.

The Guy next door

Conversational and relaxed is what the team at SEAT wanted for a series called Hidden Heroes.
These short films Introduce you to the team behind their legendary cars. Meet Paco, Mario & Adrian.

Relax and take it easy

Simply watch the demos and if this voice of Apple is what you are looking for, then get a client approval and we can talk.
It really is as simple as an Apple product, from start to finish.

Apple is a brand known for it's simplicity of service and quality.
I'm a male voiceover known for my simplicity of service and quality.

Drop me an email today and lets do this.

Apple Voice Style - Guy Harris

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