Game Trailer Voice

Need a Game trailer voice? Video Game or App? I work with some of the countries greatest trailer producers.
From deep Movie Trailer voices to characters with mystical deliveries, you got it. All rated PG-13.

Worms WMD Trailer

With the last 4 Worms games under my belt, I was back again voicing more characters for the next legendary game.
Based 5 minutes away, it's a pleasure to be working with Team 17. again When the call came to also voice the trailer, it was a no brainer and a flatulent sheep was launched in the air to celebrate the official trailer release.

Penarium Game Trailer

Another gem this time from Self Made Miracle and Team 17. Penarium is a sadistic circus extravaganza staring Willy.
They needed a sinister Narrator for the game and then decided I should also voice the trailer.
Loving the retro game play and look, this is Penarium.

Kings Road Trailer

The app market is developing so fast these days and keeping track of all the latest games is so incredibly hard. However, most need or deserve a great trailer.
An English voice with a darker edge was required for this one. Getting up close and personal on the MK-416 microphone, this turned out rather nice.

Dreamworks Home Boov Pop

It's not everyday you get to work with Dreamworks and their name was certainly on the whiteboard here for many years as an ambition.
HOME was the hit animated movie and Boov Pop was the spin off video game.
An over the top American voice needed and it was launched on a screen in Times Square New York.

Smash Bandits Game Trailer

Who doesn't love the A-Team? When Smash Bandits decided to do a spin off version, they wanted to replicate the iconic introduction from the classic 80's tv show.
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