Voiceover Studio

Guy’s voiceover studio based in Yorkshire rivals some of the London facilities, with one of the best voice booths in the UK.
All you need to know is thats it’s loaded with technology and is connectable in every possible way for you to direct the voice session.

The Studio kit

Neumann U87 & 103, Sennheiser MK416 Mics, Soundcraft M8 desk.
Apogee Quartet, TC Electronics Finalizer, TL AUDIO 5060
Avalon 737sp Pre Amp, Adobe Audition / Pro Tools 11 recording.
Pronto 2&3 ISDN Codecs, IP-DTL, Source Connect NOW,
Phone Patching, SKYPE and Raw Talent !!!

Voiceover Studio from VoiceoverGuy

Voiceover Studio from VoiceoverGuy

ISDN Studio

ISDN stands for Integrated Services for Digital Network.
It was designed to allow digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary telephone copper wires, resulting in potentially better voice quality than an analog phone can provide. It’s how most studios still connect to voiceovers. By us explaining it, you probably will need to book an ISDN equipped studio.

ip-DTL Studio

ipDTL stands for IP-Down the line. It’s a new way to connect the Voiceover to a Studio or even office by broadband without the cost of an ISDN line. All you need is Google Chrome.
Guy will send you his ipDTL link, open in Chrome, enter your name and listen in High Quality or record your end without needing to book a studio. ipDTL Studio equipped.

Voiceover Studio from VoiceoverGuy

Voiceover Studio from VoiceoverGuy

Source Connect now studio

Source-Connect Now enables audio direction between Guy’s studio and your Mac or PC using Google Chrome. You can also literally be anywhere in the world and connect.
Click the link and it allows direct-to-the-timeline recording with real-time, broadcast-quality audio using only your internet connection. Many great sessions have been directed this way.

What is Phone Patching?

No access to a studio? No access to a computer? Still want to direct the voice session? No problem. Guy’s studio allows you to dial in by phone directly into the voice booth. It works seamlessly. The BBC & ITV both take advantage to cut down studio costs. Just literally call us.

Voiceover Studio from VoiceoverGuy

Voiceover Studio from VoiceoverGuy

Can I direct by Skype?

Yup! Add Guy on Skype and direct the session easily. Not as high quality as ip-DTL or Source Connect NOW, but still pretty good for monitoring. After the session Guy will send the file on to you as a WAV or mp3 by FTP, Hightail, or dropbox.

Can i hire the studio?

Of course! Set in a peaceful location and available to hire, the studio is often used by actors of ITV’s Emmerdale.
Guy is also part of Voiceover Studio Finder, a network of voiceover studios available for hire.
Get in touch
or check out Guy’s profile page on Studio Finder for more details.

Voiceover Studio from VoiceoverGuy

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