Now time for the... Gameshow voice!

Looking for that over the top Gameshow Host voice? Got an event that needs some cheese?
Guy delivers both a great UK and USA version of this cheesy style.

THIS MORNING Spin to Win Gameshow voice

Guy is heard frequently on ITV's flagship mid morning magazine show with Phil and Holly. The voice of the huge prizes when the celebrities are not voicing them.
Then comes Spin to Win! Guy, you got a gameshow voice? Err, Yeah!
This is where Phil and Holly spin the wheel and should it land on a holiday, thats when you'll hear that cheesy Gameshow Voice style.

Some of the other exciting projects included an American gameshow voice promo on BBC Radio 1 for Headcam day too.

Need a Robot Gameshow voice?

On a trip to Hollywood we visited the Guinness Book of Records Museum, and heard my voice on the Robot in the new Trivia Quiz attraction.
If you ever find yourself on Hollywood Blvd, do pop in and play.
There is never a dull moment in voiceover and it's always exciting to see what job enquiries come in. I have to say, the Quiz Show Host Voice is one of my favourites.
So, if you want that Cheesy Game Show Voice, do get in touch.

Time for a Quiz

Question 1. How do you get your Gameshow Host voice?
Question 2. Will it cost a lot of money?
Question 3. How long will it take?

1 Get in touch.
2 Probably not.
3 A same day service.
Let me bring your quiz to life. Let me enhance a corporate event with a quiz show voice that will rouse a smile or 2.
Click the contact page to get in touch.

Guy Harris - Gameshow Host Voice

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