The David Attenborough Voice Impression

A David Attenborough voice impression? An authentic wildlife explorer?
This sound-a-like has been heard in almost as many places as the legend himself has visited.

A rare species able to imitate.

As heard on TV & radio worldwide. Across the plains of Africa all from a remote part of... Yorkshire.
A David Attenborough sound-a-like voice might be what you’ve searched the ends of the earth for, through the mighty jungles to find.
This is a job I did for Biffa. A fun viral to promote the Waste Eaters. It was an awesome voice session with a great director who knew exactly what he wanted. I'm really proud of how it turned out.

Deep in the depths of... Strictly.

It's always fun to work with the team on Strictly Come Dancing on BBC 1 in the UK. So this was a pleasure to be part of.
Contestant Ainsley Harriet had to go to London Zoo for one of the sequences and of course, they needed... an Attenborough voice.
As you can see, a voice suitable for any format, as heard on credible TV shows too.

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David Attenborough Voice Impression

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