The David Attenborough Voiceover

Looking for the best and most in demand David Attenborough voice impression on Planet Earth?
My Attenborough sound-a-like has been heard respectfully in almost as many places as the legend himself has visited.
(Side note, I'm also the busiest Voice of Santa, and available if you need that Voice of Apple style too?

A rare species able to imitate.

Have you searched through the deepest darkest jungles to find a David Attenborough sound-a-like voice? Or just Google?
As heard on TV, Radio & Web worldwide. Across the plains of Africa, from a remote studio in... Yorkshire.
This job I voiced for a client in The Netherlands called Cracking Ice. We spent a lot of time to get it just right with the client listening in to get it just right. Another very happy client.

Attenborough narration for... Natural Instincts?

Part of a kickstarter campaign for a new Interactive Nature Documentary Sim. They wanted some Attenborough.
As they describe, Natural Instincts let you protect the environment and keep the balance! A strategy where you give hints to the animals, observe their rituals and help them survive.
I love how this turned out.

How to book your Attenborough Voiceover?

I'm available daily and provide a fast, same day delivery.
To help me quote accurately, please give as much detail as possible including length and intended usage (no profanity).
I always advise you direct the session, so we get it just right.
You can do this by Cleanfeed, SourceConnect, SessionLink-Pro, Zoom, Teams or Phone.
As a professional male voiceover, you'll get a studio quality WAV file, edited and de breathed ready to work with after the session.

If you'd like to book or enquire? use the form below.

David Attenborough Voice Impression

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