A Halloween voice over to scare you

Need a spooky Halloween voice over for your production? Get your show, podcast, promos and radio imaging ready for Halloween.
The Spooky voice of Heart. Also the Joker Voice made famous in the Dark Knight Movie by Heath Ledger.

The Premier Halloween Voice Actor in the UK

From Thorpe Park's legendary Fright Nights. to Alton Towers' Scarefest, I am the UK's go-to voice actor for all things Halloween. Specialising in eerie, haunting tones, I've captured the role of "The Director," enveloping the entire theme park in an atmosphere of spine-chilling suspense during October's festivities. Whether you're in need of a malevolent voice dripping with Pure EVIL or a comedic touch featuring spooky Spooky Halloween Laughs, my vocal range offers unmatched versatility and sets the standard for Halloween events, radio commercials, and advertising campaigns.

Mastering Iconic Voices: The Joker from The Dark Knight

Regarded by many as the pinnacle of Batman movies, "The Dark Knight" features one of film history's most iconic villains. I've honed this unique voice, immortalised by the late, great Heath Ledger, to perfection. If your project calls for this mesmerising sound-alike, don't hesitate to get in touch. Please check out my YouTube demo showcasing this voice!

Fast, High-Quality Spooky Voiceovers from a State-of-the-Art Studio

When time is of the essence, I offer a same-day turnaround for audio recordings, all conducted from my top-of-the-line 'dungeon', ahem, studio. For accurate pricing, please provide details about your project and its intended usage. We're committed to ensuring a seamless experience from beginning to, well, death—er, finish!
Ready to elevate your Halloween project to spine-chilling heights? Whether it's pure evil or just for laughs, my wide vocal range offers authenticity and a unique atmosphere. Secure the UK's top Halloween voice actor now by reaching out through our Contact us page to get in touch.

Guy Harris - Halloween voice

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