The Joker Voice

Now, I love the Dark Knight so the first thing I wanted to master was Heath Ledger's Joker Voice.

What a Joker!

I tried lip-syncing it to the original which you can see here. I really wanted to nail a great new scary voice for Halloween.  A bit of practice but having seen the film so many times and loved the character, I soon found the style. Although he's a very dark character (and the things he says are rarely nice...), iit's a lot of fun to do the voice of the Joker. Obviously, Heath Ledger's Joker is the best, but Jack Nicholson's is also pretty great. Perhaps I'll try that next. Are you are looking for a voice for a promo or event, similar to the Joker Voice? Check out my character showreel for a few more examples of what I can do.

Joker Voice

Incredible Bad Guys

Heather Ledger did an awesome job with the character. He made it one of today's iconic movie villains. Sinister, Eerie and very disturbing suited for any Halloween production work. As the evil voice to Thorpe Park's Fright Nights and countless other productions, I'm sure I can help. Whether you're looking for a scary voice for a cartoon, commercial voiceover, a movie trailer, or a game trailer, I'm happy to come up with a new voice for you or to do an impression of someone else.

Get in touch

Are you are looking for a spooky voice for a promo or event, similar to the Joker Voice? Do let me know if I can help. If you have part of the script you can send first, I'll send an audition. Get in touch today and let's spook your audience.

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