The Go-To Pirate Voiceover Artist As Featured on CBBC

Ahoy! In search of an authentic pirate voiceover? Look no further! Guy's inspiration is drawn from iconic characters like Captain Barbossa from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean films. You can either listen to his captivating pirate showreel or watch it in action. From voicing characters on CBBC shows to being the vocal force behind Pirate Bridge, Guy has a track record that not only impresses but ensures he never has to walk the plank! Get in touch to secure Guy's voice for your next swashbuckling adventure.

Voice of a Pirate on CBBC

Yarr! You be looking for an authentic Pirate Voiceover?
Inspiration taken from Captain Barbossa of the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.
Listen to the Pirate showreel or watch it in action.
A CBBC Pirate Or the voice of Pirate Bridge. The director was so happy Guy didn't have to walk the plank.

Authentic Pirate VoiceOver Talent

Guy isn't just any voice actor; he's the resonant force behind the Pirate World Trailer for Lego MiniFigures and the in-game pirate captain. When it comes to crafting an authentic pirate narrative, Guy is your go-to talent. Clients have the flexibility to direct sessions in real-time via Source Connect NOW, Cleenfeed, or Zoom, ensuring the perfect take every time. As a special bonus, we'll even throw in parrot squawks at no extra cost. Yarr!

Need a Pirate Voice Actor? Your Search Ends Here.

Guy is one of the busiest voices and when it comes to needing the sound or style of a Pirate voice actor then your search ends here. That rasp, that growl and of course the ah ha ha ha... Guy is among the industry's most sought-after voice talents, specialising in authentic pirate narration. With a distinctive rasp, a hearty growl, and the quintessential "Ahoy!"—he's the pirate captain your production or event has been searching for. To get started, we'd like to know a few specifics about your project. Information such as intended usage and word count will help us provide you with an accurate quote. Rest assured, our rates are highly competitive in GBP, making top-quality pirate VoiceOver both accessible and affordable.
Ready to bring your vision to life with unparalleled pirate flair? Contact us today.

Guy Harris - Pirate Voice

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