A collection of Halloween Laughs

Spooky voices, as heard on Television Radio and promos globally.

Spooky Halloween Laughs

I've been voicing Halloween promos and adverts for many years and I'd say at the end of 99% of all projects they usually want a maniacal or spooky laugh. So I think I've perfected several styles as demonstrated here.
If you have a project that needs a Halloween Voice do check out my Halloween Demo page for a great example of how I can bring your project to life.


Halloween Laughs for Personal Use

We are more than happy for you to download and use the agues for your own personal project or film. Please credit VoiceoverGuy and a hyper link to the website would be great in any descriptions.
For broadcast use or commercially please get in touch to discuss fees and usage.

Can I use the Halloween Laughs commercially?

Please get in touch to discuss the details of the project and we can work out the cost. If broadcast or used on social media in a paid for campaign, do include all details as to how and where they will be used. ​

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Batelco WiFi Voice

Batelco WiFi Voice Batelco WiFi Voice - You'll have heard my voice on other Batelco products. But check out how amazing the WiFi is in Bahrain thanks to these guys at Batelco.

Vegetarian society videos

Vegetarian society Videos Vegetarian society - Voiced a series of short videos with some cool animation for the Vegetarian society. Have you thought about being vegetarian?

Good Game Empire deep trailer voice

Good Game Empire Trailer Good Game Empire Trailer Voice - Voiceover by Guy Harris - Voice heard worldwide on TV, Radio, App, Games Trailers, Apps and Virals.

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