Urbaser Recycling Explaier Video

Pleased to add my voiceover skills to this well-animated explainer video.

Another great explainer video!

If you spend a little time looking through my blog, you'll find a huge range of different voiceover jobs. However, you may notice that perhaps my most common voiceover job is for explainer videos. This kind of video is perfect for getting across complex processes, often for companies with intricate products or services that really need to spend a little while explaining their products for customers to understand why they're so good. If you'd like to hear a few more of my explainer videos, check out my DPD Brexit, Michelin Cross Climate, or Wirecard videos.


A little more about Urbaser

I provided voiceover for this excellent explainer video through BexMedia, who do some amazing animation and motion graphics. Urbaser is a leading provider of recycling and eeaste disposal services in the UK, but they also operate in Madrid, Paris, Porto, and parts of South America. Urbaser is a huge company and it seems to have a fantastic reputation. In this explainer video, they demonstrate enthusiasm for waste management and a clear respect for the environment. I'd be very happy to work with them on future explainer videos.

Get in touch

If you've read right to the end of this blog, then I think there might be a good chance you're interested in my voiceover talents. If you'd like me to provide voiceover for your next explainer video, commercial, movie trailer, or something else altogether, then I'm more than happy to hear from you. If looking through various links on this blog doesn't give you a strong enough idea of what I'm capable of, I'd be more than happy to send you a free voiceover sample from your script. That way you can hear whether I'm right for your brand or project. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch

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