Happy Voiceover Style for TENTE

Another great explainer video under my belt

TENTE's explainer video

If you spend more than a few minutes on my website — perhaps you're checking out my work to see whether you'd like to work with me — then you'll notice that I do more explainer videos than any other style of video. This is because explainer videos are rising in popularity as brands with niche or complex products search for a better way to sell themselves. And that's exactly that TENTE has done with this well made explainer video. Not every prduct or service I help sell is flashy, but that doesn't meant that your explainer videos or commercials can't be flashy! If you'd like to hear a few more of my explainer video voiceovers, check out my Traxart and Home Composting videos.


A little more about TENTE

TENTE is a castors and wheels company that provides extremely high-quality products to a huge range of industries, including institutional, medical, and manufacturing industries. TENTE is all about offering more than just practical products; it's about combining high-quality movement solutions with the flexibility to suit different companies' needs — even branding their products to suit your brand guidelines. It was great to work with the people over at TENTE. I think they've made a really great explainer video and I'd be happy to work with them again in the future.

Get in touch

If you're working on an explainer video or a TV ad and you need a happy voiceover style like the one I provided for TENTE, then please use the form to contact me. I like working with new companies, on products and services I've never worked with before. It's the best part of my job, really. If you'd like a little help working out if my voice is right for your next project, I'll be happy to read a free sample of your script.

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