An Epic Patrick Stewart-Style Voiceover for Dharam Seva Records

An epic, storytelling voiceover performance.

A voiceover gig like no other

From commercial voiceovers, game trailers, and TV commercials, there are some projects and products I am very used to providing voiceover for. But every now and then I get some work that is entitely different, and this 'Govind is Great' video from Dharam Seva Records is exactly that! Despite my unfamiliarity with the subject matter, I know an expertly crafted video when I see one. The visuals were epic, so I decided to use my equally epic patrick Stewart voiceover! I'm really pleased with the result and so were the team over at Dharam Seva Records


A little more about Dharam Seva Records

DharamSeva Records is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting extra-ordinary dharamic music releases for audiences who love Punjabi music. The company's sevadaars used their skills and connections to set up a fully integrated musical and production network, which consists of singers, songwriters, music producers, video producers, social media managers, a PR team and, most importantly, a not-for-profit record label. All DharamSeva Records profits are reinvested into creating bigger and better ‘dharamic’ projects. It was great to work with the team over at DharamSeva Records; the video they created is nothing short of breathtaking and I enjoyed working on a completely different kind of voiceover performance!

Get in touch!

If you're working on a project like this one by DharamSeva Records, or if you're working on something else altogether, then perhaps we can work together to ensure the final product is just as high-quality. So much goes into making a good promotional video and I've worked on an almost uncountable range of voiceover projects. If you'd like to work with me, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I try to be as helpful as possible, so I'm happy to read out and send over a free voiceover sample from your script to help you figure out whether or not my voice is a good fit for your project. I do much more than just an epic Patrick Stewart voice, however, so make sure to browse through the rest of my site!

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