Minecraft Handbook Voiceover

Nice to try out this Deep Voice style for the trailer. My English Movie trailer voice.

English movie trailer voice

I love voicing game trailers and other games-related promos. Having watched my nieces and nephew play Minecraft and create some amazing worlds, I was intrigued by the game and more than up for voicing something for Minecraft sometime. Then this beginner's guide came along! Created in the UK and the audio mixed and mastered over in the UAE, it's turned out really great and I've loved being part of this project! Minecraft is one of the biggest videogames ever and I don't mind any association with the brand... Following this trailer release, I voiced several more trailers in this style including Kings Road, Lifeless, and Robocide.

Minecraft Handbook Voiceover

What is the Minecraft Handbook?

Minecraft, the game, might not need an introduction for some readers — given its popularity. It's a huge, procedural-generated game where the players explore the world and build whatever they want. but the game can be a little complicated. This is where the beginner's guide comes in! Learn how to build a fort, craft armour and weapons with the Minecraft Handbook.
This handy user guide will teach any fan of the popular sandbox game everything they need to know about defending themselves and building the best structures.

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Best Male Voiceover Best Male Voiceover - Amazing! Nominated at the VOX Awards 2014 - Won Best Male Voiceover for the 2nd time - VOX has been running for 20 years.

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PhoenixPB Explainer video voice PhoenixPB Explainer video voice - Media monitoring, media evaluation, journalist databases, social media and more. Another great animated Video Voiceover.

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