Apathetics Movie Voiceover

My Movie Trailer style was provided for the Apathetics Voiceover spoof. A political piece for Amnesty International.

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What is the Apathetics? European leaders should hang their heads in shame over the pitifully low numbers of refugees from Syria they are prepared to resettle, said Amnesty International. In a briefing published today, an international failure.

Apathetics Voiceover

The movie trailer voice

Getting a call from A.I. to be a part of this was awesome. Another trailer in need of the traditional American movie trailer voice over. We actually nailed this in the 1st take. With some processing and mastering their end, the end result has plenty of impact for the important message they are putting across.

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Looking for a movie trailer voice similar to the Apathetics Voiceover? Do get in touch. There are lots of videos on YouTube with my work. If you have part of the script I can test read for you, please send it over. It will help you decide if my voice is right for your product or brand.

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