BBC Bitesize Primary Elvis Voiceover

A pleasure to work with BBC Bitesize on these awesome animations and learning as Elvis.

I did the voice of Elvis on this BBC Bitesize Primary Music episode

I love providing voiceover for cartoons , so I was thrilled when Sun and Moon Studios got in touch and asked me to help them produce this great little animation. BBC Bitesize is always great and this little cartoon is a fun lesson for children trying to write a song — with a little help from the King of rock and roll himself. As is often the case with cartoons, I provided voiceover for more than one character: Elvis and the Brummie keyboard player! I’ve got a pretty polished Elvis voice, but this is the first time I’ve been asked to sing in his voice; I’m pretty pleased with the result!


Working with Sun and Moon Studios and BBC Bitesize

It was a pleasure to work with Sun and Moon Studios on this job. Sun and Moon Studios is a brilliant animation company that places emphasis on animating cartoons that are “packed with character”. They have produced a lot of work for BBC Bitesize, but they’ve also made a number of advertisements and cartoons for other channels. This specific cartoon was made for the Bitesize Primary Music section and you’ll find a range of other great cartoons that explain basic music theory at a primary school level.

Get in touch if you need my voice for your cartoon

If you’re working on a cartoon and you need high-quality voiceover to take your project to the next level, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ve got lots of experience providing voiceover for cartoons and I can provide a free sample from your script if you need a little help figuring out if my voice is right for you. Otherwise, it might also help to listen to my character voiceover show reel.

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