BBC Radio 2 Voice of Santa

Who is the Voice of Santa or Father Christmas on BBC Radio 2? Guy Harris! As heard in as many places as Santa himself visits.

Zoe Ball's Santa

Having been the BBC Radio 1 Santa for 5 years, like everyone on Radio 1, I ended up on BBC Radio 2 back in 2019 and 2020.
An absolute joy to heard during all the shows in promos and trails across all day parts. Highlights include Zoe Ball's Epic tales of Epic fails feature and the calls to Santa with kids on Christmas Eve.
Click the YouTube video to hear Zoe welcome Santa to the show.
Also featured onPaul O'Grady's Christmas Day show and James King's look at the Twelve films of Christmas.


Father Christmas aka, Santa Voice

I've been helping Santa for many years. It's clear he can't do every voiceover request and needs someone to step in and help in the most real and authentic way possible hence why i book so much every year. You'll hear me on Santa Radio, Heart Christmas, BBC Go Jetters Christmas Special and all over the globe on TV, Radio, in stores, live events and Santa messages.
Santa even caused a little trouble during 2020 in Poundland.
You need Santa? You know who to call!

Need a Santa Voice? The Voice of Father Christmas?

I'd love to add that festive magic to your script. With 19 years on the radio, I'm more than happy to do LIVE calls and react to topical events. Covid has given several good angles with Elf and Safety and Santa trying to furlough 20,000 Elves in March when they were not working. So please feel free to get in touch. Or do reach out by SantaGuy website for custom messages or Santa Radio for free generic messages with over 1000 names available today.

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