Voice of Santa for BBC Radio 2

As heard across the UK on BBC Radio 2. Ho Ho Ho it's Father Christmas aka. Santa!

The Voice of Santa for BBC Radio 2

There are times when Santa can't be in all places at once so he out sources his voice work. Fortunately I'm able to help.
Ho Ho Ho Santa makes his appearance on air with Zoe Ball and the radio station BBC Radio 2 at Christmas.
It's a pleasure to helping the BBC with the voice of Father Christmas adding that festive magic to the output during December.
Can Santa brand your radio station or production?


Father Christmas Voice

Unless you've met him, when you think of Father Christmas you think of a jolly old fella with a warm deep voice. This Voice of Father Christmas has a little cheeky side to him too.
Thats what I try to bring to each and every production. It was lovely working with CBeebies on the GoJetters Christmas Special a few years ago too. Quite an honour to appear along side Ubercorn, Foz, Uxuli and Kyan.
I'd love to work on some more animation as Santa. If I can help, let me know.

Where can I find the Voice of Santa?

If you have a script that needs a Father Christmas let me bring it to life. Can be for Radio or television, web, YouTube or a personal Santa message. Ho Ho Ho do get in touch with details for an accurate quote.
Fill in the form and Santa will get back to you as quick as he delivers gifts around the world.
Yes, way less than 12 hours. ​

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