BEKO Gameshow voice

Rolling out the cheesy 80s tv quiz show hot style for this innovative talking fridge concept.

Am I typecast?

It was lots of fun to provide my cheesy, high-reverb game show host voiceover for this fun BEKO advert. It's a little bit of a clichéd voice, but we often need highly recognisable voices to sell the gag — especially in parody videos like this! Doing this voice reminds me of my 19 years as a radio presenter; I was in the business during the period just after all DJs sounded a bit cheesy. However, I do love a bit of fromage for fun and it was nice to get a call from the guys working on this campaign for BEKO. As you guessed it I play the question master. A nice fine mix and fun concept to be involved in.


More about BEKO

A freezer top, a freezer bottom, side by side or a French door? Which refrigerator is the right one for you? Let our four different models do the explaining while you sit back and relax. That’s right, four real-life BEKO refrigerators take the stage in this video to talk about their various advantages. We have to warn you though, the decision is not going to be easy, not with these four gorgeous fridges... BEKO is one of the most famous specialist fridge-freezer manufacturers in the World, and for good reason. We joke in this ad, but these fridge do look pretty alluring!

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