Betfred Football Commentator

It was EURO 2016 and I was asked to become the Betfred football commentator.

Betfred Football Commentator

Anytime there is a big Football event or match, I get the calls for my Football Commentator voice. I'm often surprised at this, because I really don't follow football at all... I have a pretty good Scottish and English voice style, so I can react to what's expected of me. What is the video telling you? It explains how to get great offers and boosted odds every day of the Euros. Including Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven on every single game of Euro 2016. This is just one example of my range of explainer videos which are all either tutorial videos, or longer commercial voiceover videos that explain the ins and outs of a more complex product or service.

Betfred Football Commentator

Who is Betfred?

Betfred is a UK based bookmaker. Named after its co-founders Fred and Peter Done, Betfred was first established as a single shop in Salford in 1967. Needless to say, it has grown into a huge company now, and much of its activities are based online and on its app. Betfred is one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK, and it's always good to provide voiceover work for a big name!

Get in touch

Do you have a promo video, presentation or a product and you need a voice for it? Maybe like this Betfred Football Commentator style? Please get in touch. To make the process even easier, just let me know the intended usage of the production to quote you more accurately. Send a short sample of the script and I'll send you a short audition. This way you can check if my voice is right for your show or project.

BBK travel Insurance Voiceover

bbk-travel-insurance-voiceover BBK travel Insurance Voiceover - Another natural voice style for this product. A UK voiceover was needed and I got the call. Conversational they requested.

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star-wars-character-voices Star Wars Character Voices  - All the voices you hear are mine - What would happen if C-3P0 & R2D2 worked in Starbucks? Need a Character? Get in touch.

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