Comedy Football Announcer - Commentator Voice

A spoof ad-lib commentary of a Dubai local football team.

Who does the football commentaries?

When it comes to football commentary voices outside of John Motson or Alan Hanson or Chris Kamara (who uses my studio for voice work), I do footy commentator voiceovers.
It's rather odd too as I watch practically zero football. Yet, I am asked for this voice style so so much.
If you are looking for an authentic football commentary voice for a football piece, do let me know. I've worked with Etisalat, Lucozade, Snickers to name a few.


What is Goal of the month?

Goal of the month is a video put together by a friend of mine in Dubai. He plays on his local football team and just for fun puts a video together each month of the goals and saves. It's all just 1 ad-lib from start to finish. He pieces it together and adds the football commentary EQ on the voice to make it sound like an authentic lip microphone as used in the profession. My friend? He is a multiple award winning producer and composer, so he knows what he is doing. I love doing this each month for them.

Got a match? Need football commentary?

Whilst I don't mind ad-libbing this stuff for my friend, I'd love to read your script properly and make it sound fantastic for you. Do use the search box on the home page to discover more of my Football commentaries. So feel free to get in touch. I look forward to you saying "Back of the net!" once I've read yours.

Football Commentator Voice

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Radio 1 Gameshow Voice

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