David Attenborough Impression

Searching this site, you'll notice my David Attenborough impression is requested a lot. It's a style I like to work with you to get it just right.

Attenborough Impersonator

I am asked many times a week for this style and although I'd love to say yes to all, I do have to turn a lot away due to the content.
Sadly there are requests that don't stay true to the legend.
This was a lovely piece I voiced in Attenborough style over some incredible drone footage in The Netherlands. The music and mix was just perfect and the content was respectful and worked great. A joy to be involved in this fun project.


Working with the client.

What does this mean? With this style I do insist you are present during the recording, hence my session fee.
We will connect using Cleanfeed. This allows you to listen in using Google Chrome in super high quality as if we were at the same studio. You can direct the session until we get it just right.
After the session I will edit and tidy the file and send a studio WAV file providing markers to the preferred takes or sections.
Honestly, I'll make it so easy for you. 👍

Looking for the best Attenborough impersonator?

I can only consider scripts that are respectful to the voice style. This means no profanity or crude language. If it's to enhance an internal company video or a fun piece for social media or broadcast, let me give you a quote. Feel free to get in touch.
Please note I will not read anything that claims to be him or directly endorses a product. This is an 'in the style of' voice. I look forward to working with you on it.

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