Dapper Dan Voiceover

Dapper Dan asked for a 50s American TV Infomercial? Why not? Let's try it.

Another retro character voice

This script came in with a request for a retro 1950s American infomercial voice — a little like the American equivalent to my Pathe News voice . I've provided this voice style for many radio commercials and the script cracked me up, so it seemed like a great job. With a bit of top end EQ, I think the finished product sounds pretty good. In 2017, this voice style led to a job for GFuel. Look and listen out for some fun retro style ads on their social media. Always fun to try new things. Try me. Lets see what we can do next.

Dapper Dan Voiceover

Let's find out more about Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan was established in Sheffield, England in 2011. Born of frustration with the less than adequate products available to men to fulfill their styling needs.
Dapper Dan Ltd have been diligently developing men's hair products for the last 10 years in order to provide the finest product options, no matter what the styling requirements. Their range of three stylers offers absolute flexibility. I love when a company chooses an absolute specialism and commits. I must admit, I'm impressed with Dapper Dan's products and I'm more impressed with their great taste when it comes to selecting voiceover artists for their promo videos...

Can I help?

If you are looking for a voice similar to this for Dapper Dan with a retro twist to it, please get in touch. Mail over me some of the script, I'll gladly send you a short sample to see if my voice is right for your creation. Tell me more about your product or project and let's see if we can work together!

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