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If you’ve been to Drayton Manor, you already know that it’s one of the best theme parks and family holiday resorts in the UK. Anyone who’s been to Drayton Manor at Christmastime, knows that it creates the most magical Christmas experiences for children. Check out the video to the right for a better idea of what you can expect! I’m rather proud of my Santa voiceover skills, so I was really pleased when the people at Drayton Manor asked me to provide the voice of Santa for their official Christmas season. My Santa voice has been a big feature at Drayton Manor for the last two years and I hope they continue to use it in the future, as I’m really looking forward to bringing my little girl there when she’s a little older!


A Little Bit about Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor is an incredible theme park based in Staffordshire with a ridiculous amount of fun family attractions and activities. You can go on the theme park rides, visit the zoo, or visit Thomas Land — a theme park dedicated to the world of Thomas the Tank Engine! It’s a fantastic company and it’s great to be the official voice of the Drayton Manor Santa!

Many of Drayton Manor’s live entertainment events — such as its Christmas events — are organised and presented by Hammond Feel the Magic. It’s great to work with such a big entertainment production company and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

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If you are looking for a Santa voice similar to the one I provided for Drayton Manor, or if you have a different idea altogether, please get in touch. I'm more than happy to send you a short sample to help you figure out if my voice is right for yourproject. Visit my contact page and tell me more about your project!

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