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Those first steps on the property ladder are daunting. Experian helps.

A quirky voice for an explainer

With a bank of voice styles to draw upon, I do get asked for this style a lot for videos like this. The tone of voice sits somewhere between whimsical and authoritative, and I've been told that it sounds more than a little like Patrick Stewart. I didn't set out to do an impression and there are differences, but I can hear some Patrick Stewart there... Experian were a great client to work for and a welcome addition to my portfolio of awesome brands I work with. Watching the finished video, I was proud of the association. Maybe you need something in this style? Or perhaps your explainer video is completely different but my voice would be a good fit for it?


More about Experian in this process.

Buying your first home can seem at times like climbing a steep hill - daunting, confusing and with several pitfalls along the way.
And finding the money for a deposit without help from the Bank Of Mum And Dad can be a real challenge. But with a few simple steps to prepare yourself financially, and make lenders see you in a positive light, you could approach buying your first home with a lot more confidence.

Want something quirky voiced?

If you are working on a project or one planned that needs a British male voice or something more quirky, do get in touch. Take a look at my explainer videos and my commercial voiceover videos if you'd like to hear a range of my different voices. If you need a little more help deciding if I'm right for your brand, I'd be happy to send you a sample first to see if my voice is right for your brand. Feel free to get in touch and tell me more about your brand and your next ad or explainer video!

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