Explainer Video reads

Lets talk about the explainer video. These days Google is looking for websites to have, not only great written content, but also great content visually. It wants you to look at your website and really think about how long someone spend on there. Is the user reading text, text and more text? So, a website benefits with Video

Step forward… The Explainer Video.

There are some fantastic Explainer video and content producing companies available. Making some awesome videos and animations to showcase your brand in video. Believe me, I am working with them. But, great videos with time well spent writing, storyboarding animating and creating need finishing with a great voice. Yes you can get a voice that will offer you a voiceover for your 1 - 2 min production for £20. But don't you want your hard work and brand represented with a credible voice that brings a wealth of experience to the table? A proper studio and having already worked with major brands and knows how to make your written words come alive?

Explainer Video reads

Now I'm not saying you have to book me for the job. If I'm not right for something I am however more than happy to offer alternative voices. Our industry of professionals is not a big one and it's quite easy for me to recommend you a suitable voice if you need a more mature sound or a regional accent.

The difference?

So, don't let cost be a factor when choosing which voice to book for the job. Will the voice be around for any script changes or urgent pick ups? Do you want a voice that wants to make the process as smooth as possible for you? Do you want to get on with the voice and them not be too awkward and un co-operative? Will that voice charge you every time you need it tweaking or amending? Do you want them hounding you as you haven't paid within 2 days?

It's not rocket science, it's a Voiceover

It's what myself and countless others do on a daily basis. However… you need the job done properly! If you choose me then, thank you. I will of course offer to read a couple of lines first, to check I'm the right voice for your product or brand. But, I might not be. And, if not, let me help you find the one that will.

I love doing these kinds of Web and Explainer videos. It never ceases to amaze me what you guys create and then I get to throw my vocals all over the top of it at the end. It'

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