FIFA 22: No GOAT Without the FOAT Voice

Celebrating the First of All Time with FIFA 22.

Voice work for the recent FIFA 22 ‘No GOAT Without the FOAT’ promo.

I do love voicing promos and was especially delighted to recently do work for Fifa 22. I’ve no shortage of experience when it comes to doing voice work for games, but collaborating with FIFA on a promo was a real treat given they’re the biggest sports game in the business. My previous football-related pieces have almost always seen me using my football commentator voice but this FIFA promo, centred around Sheffield FC’s trailblazing 1857 team, was really unique and a lot of fun to do.


Whats new in FIFA 22?

Players of the PC game FIFA 22 can now unlock the original Sheffield FC jersey from 1857 in Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. In addition, the club and FIFA manufacturer EA Sports are calling on gamers to commit to the "FOAT code". These are new and unwritten FIFA rules. FIFA players can express their commitment to this by wearing the historic Sheffield shirt in-game. There's not much to say about EA Sports’s legendary FIFA game series that hasn't been said before. Having been one of the most anticipated releases on the gaming calendar every year since 1993, the FIFA games series has sold over 325 million copies across 51 countries, making it far and away the most successful sports video game franchise in the world. This promo inspired by the FOAT (First of All Time) combined all the humour and attitude you expect from an EA Sports ad campaign!

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